Sunday, October 12, 2008

Service for Women

credit card offers Yesterday my wife asked me to find a new credit card for her. She has been using her card for more than 3 years. Credit card terms have been changed after all this time. Today there are so many offers with different benefits, such as incredible cash back, air miles and gasoline rewards, some deals come with lowest APR and no annual fee. Perhaps, we could find a beneficial credit deal earlier, but we did not think of it at that time.
So, I browsed through many web sites yesterday and found a special site wor ladies - It has very beautiful design and is written for women and by women. Besides, it contains many attractive credit offers. I chose 0 balance transfer credit card. I think, it's better to transfer balance from her old card to this one. I hope it is the first step to teach my wife saving money :)

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