Sunday, August 31, 2008

Bad Experience


I recently had a very bad experience on some airlines and wanted to know if other have ever had this experience. I have also received no real response from them despite have snail mailed, faxed (twice) and e-mailed them.

I was on a delayed flight from NYC was worried about making my connecting flight to Lima. When I tried to speak to a flight attendant about this, I was verbally abused. After thinking about it for a few minutes, I decided to get up out of my seat and ask the flight attendant for his name and badge number so I could file a complaint. At this point the plane was still sitting at the gate and had not moved for 30 minutes. He refused to give me his name and said that if I did not return to my seat, he would have me thrown off the plane. I returned to my seat, and he immediately called the pilot to try to get me thrown off the plane. He also filed a written complaint on me and continued to be abusive throughout the flight - at one point telling me that I was stupid, selfish and obviously had no experience flying. I have a traveling companion who will verify everything that I have written here.

Now I can't get any repsonse from that company and I am not sure what to do. I may never deal with them again. Does anyone have any suggestions? I would at least like a decent apology from the airline.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Do We Work to Live or Do We Live to Work?
I am in random thoughts about these two concepts lately… Sometimes the former is quite ideal but the demands of the modern techno-savvy world which is for us to work more than what is the usual enslave us to push ourselves to the highest limit…. Work, work, work, work. Sometimes it’s too tiring. But what else is there to do? How else would we spend our time?

Monday, August 25, 2008

Get the Facts on Gas Station Credit Cards

gas station
So you are considering the idea of applying for a gas station credit card. Figuring that it will allow you to easily get a better handle on fuel expenses for each month, there are also added perks like receiving cash back with every purchase.

Prepaid gas cards

My dad used to have an expression that he was fond of. "If you need to use a credit card, then you do not need to buy it." Depending on the health of your financial situation, I believe this to certainly be true. For many people out there, looking for creative ways to get free prepaid gas cards is not only possible, it is simply smart economics. Not only that, but going with prepaid gas cards also means you have a better shot of avoiding gas station identity theft as well.

Just use cash

Believe it or not, a growing number of gas stations will give you an instant discount for simply using cash in lieu of a credit card at the pump? Savings can be up to 5% in some cases, depending on where you live.

Gas Station Credit Cards

When used with responsibility, you can actually make this form of payment work out rather well for you. When possible, consider using gas rebate credit cards. With this type of gas card, you can often save up to 3-6% cash back on card purchases. On the flip side there are some important tips to remember when considering this type of card.
  • Be aware that the gas credit card issuer runs the show. It is not at all unusual to find that the great 5% cash back falls to something like 1-3% after a set number of months.
  • Considering the point above, look for a card without a yearly fee if possible. This way if you are paying off the card each month, you are still getting “something back”, even if the cash back rate does fall back after the introductory period.
  • Never carry a balance. Once you do, any benefit of a gas rebate credit card goes up in flames very quickly.

Monday, August 18, 2008


This is the house I grew up in. The last window on the left is my room (the only window with the brown blinds). I miss home. The fence is actually pretty new. I helped my mother build it. We painted it and put the posts in one summer and now we have a white picket fence. It's pretty awesome. This is a very normal house in my hometown. Basic and standard. But it is home. And I miss it terribly. I am so thankful that I get to go home for Christmas and see my family gathered in this home, eating dinner and being together. I can't wait for Christmas.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Travel Insurance

travel insurance
Of course you can’t start your trip without any insurance and that is very sensible. Because who knows what may be happen abroad? Travel insurance will protect your trip in case of a cancellation, travel delay and trip interruption. Besides we have to take into account such unpredictable things as terrorism, crushes or just surprises of weather.
One must be insured in all of your prepaid, non-refundable trip costs including airfare, hotels, tour costs and even course fees. Medical insurance protects your health while you are traveling - domestically or internationally. So while you are going to travel you must be care about good travel insurance, based on your travel details. Have a wonderful trip!