Thursday, May 29, 2008

Can Anyone Become a Successful Businessperson?

business person
I am asked this question many times after I have given a speech on business procedures and strategies. The answer is not that simple.
Before we get to the answer, let me ask you a question. Can anyone become a successful medical doctor? To become a doctor, there are several very important factors that have to be given a lot of careful thought and consideration.
Now to get to the question, "Can anyone become a successful medical doctor?" The answer is "Yes! Anyone who really wants to can become a successful medical doctor."
The key words here are, "Anyone who really wants to."
Let us get back to our original question. "Can anyone become a successful business person?" The answer is, "Yes! Anyone who really wants to, can become a successful business person." To become a successful business person, you will have to make several important choices. choices like,
1) What type of business do you want to get into? 2) Are you passionate about the field you have chosen? 3) Are you willing to devote enough time and energy to your business? 4) Are you prepared to do whatever it takes to succeed? 5) Are you willing to stick to it till you succeed?
Then you have to research your field of interest, educate yourself, get the proper training, lay the foundation and work at it consistantly. If you do everything properly, success is inevitable. Ask any successful business person and he or she will tell you what they had to go through to achieve success.
A business should be taken seriously and treated like a profession, not as a hobby. Then with the correct, persistant action taken on a daily basis, you are sure to succeed. There is no doubt about it.
You can become a successful business person "If You Really Want To."


Liza said...

i agree! anyone can make a successful business person and the key ingredients are dedication, hardwork and love. you must love it so much to work hard for it.

Abby said...

I also agree. I've been thinking about running my own business, and I know I fit the bill. I've been looking at businesses for sale, but I haven't really found anything that I like. Would you, or another reader, be able to suggest a website for me? Thanks

Anonymous said...

@Abby -- I suggest checking out your local Chamber of Commerce. They should be able to help you.

I also highly recommend It's a global marketplace for where you can buy, sell, or invest in a small business. There are bunch different businesses for sale, so you should be able to find something you like. It’s a great place to buy a business. Check it out and good luck!